Guitar Hero 5, DJ Hero e Band Hero in Autunno

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Giovedì 07 Maggio 2009 15:23

Guitar Hero 5


Activision ha annunciato l'arrivo, entro il prossimo Autunno, di tre titoli musicali attesissimi: stiamo parlando, evidentemente, di Guitar Hero 5, DJ Hero e Band Hero.

Il quinto capitolo di Guitar Hero promette di bissare il successo ottenuto dai suoi predecessori, offrendo la solita cornucopia di canzoni prese di peso dagli archivi storici del Rock, affiancando melodie recenti a vecchi, intramontabili classici del Metallo. DJ Hero, invece, rappresenta una nuova sfida per il publisher capitanato da Kotick: riuscirà ad imporsi come credibile alternativa al "fratello maggiore"? Band Hero, in ultima analisi, si prefigura come una versione semplificata di Guitar Hero, capace di conservarne tutte le caratteristiche principali offrendo, allo stesso tempo, un'esperienza maggiormente accessibile per i neofiti del genere.

Continuate nella lettura per leggere il comunicato stampa e, soprattutto, per visionare quella che si mormora essere la nuova periferica ufficiale di DJ Hero.

Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) is set to once again revolutionise how consumers interact with music by releasing three new titles this fall – DJ Hero™, Guitar Hero® 5 and Band Hero™ – that will redefine the company’s popular music gaming platform. The slate will transform the way consumers enjoy and engage with music by offering the largest variety of music genres, innovative technologies and new social entertainment experiences for existing fans and millions of new consumers who previously have not joined Guitar Hero’s global community of fans.

• The company’s groundbreaking DJ Hero expandsGuitar Hero’s signature social gaming to all-new consumers with the addition of diverse music genres including hip-hop, R&B, Motown, electronica and dance. Introducing an all-new innovative turntable controller, DJ Hero transforms players into DJs who rule the club scene by creating original mixes of popular songs and music from the world’s most exciting artists and DJs.

• Letting fans continue to fulfill their rock fantasies,Guitar Hero 5 features the hottest rock and roll artists today as well as classic rock bands and gives players an unprecedented level of control over the way they play the game with the ability to drop in and out of songs and change band members, instruments and difficulty levels on the fly.

• The franchises’ first E10+ rated console game,Band Hero delivers an exciting music collection featuring top-40 hits designed to expand the experience to a new genre and appeal to a broad family audience who can play together on the guitar, drums, bass and microphone. The game builds uponGuitar Hero’s easy-to-play, difficult-to-master signature gameplay and allows novice players and expert fans to join together on their favourite songs.

“Guitar Hero has made music social again and has become one of the most popular ways to experience music,” said Dan Rosensweig, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Guitar Hero franchise. “Today’s fans enjoy a variety of music and are looking for more ways to engage with their favourite songs, artists and fellow fans. These games will let them listen, participate and socialize with music in ways they have never been able to before.”