Tekken 6, le due edizioni "di lusso"

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Giovedì 02 Luglio 2009 13:57

Tekken 6 Arcade Stick Edition - Tekken 6 Collectors Edition


L'uscita di Tekken 6 è oramai alle porte, e Namco Bandai corrobora l'attesa degli aficionados della saga proponendo loro due nuovi bundle che verranno distribuiti contemporaneamente alla versione standalone del picchiaduro.

I possessori di PlayStation 3 ed Xbox 360 potranno infatti beneficiare dell'edizione Arcade Stick del gioco, graziata dalla presenza di un fighting wireless controller sviluppato in partnership con Hori, o decidere se optare per la Collectors Edition, accecante cornucopia di cimeli contenente un art book di 100 pagine (presente anche nell'offerta relativa all'Arcade Stick), un poster ed una felpa Tekken-branded.

Interessante notare come tanto il controller, quanto la sweatshirt PS3 differiranno, nel design, dai medesimi articoli mirati all'utenza 360.

Dopo il break potete visionare quattro immagini dell'Arcade Stick e dare una rapida occhiata al comunicato stampa: ne vale la pena.

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe today announced two official limited editions of TEKKEN 6 produced by the development team in Japan, the Arcade Stick Edition and Collectors Edition, in addition to the standalone game for the upcoming release of the ultimate fighter TEKKEN 6, scheduled for release in Europe this autumn 2009 for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system. All three retail editions will be available for both platforms at launch.

Bringing the game closer than ever to the arcade experience, the TEKKEN 6 Arcade Stick Edition includes the game, a stunning 100 page heavyweight art book containing a wealth of images chronicling the story, characters and the game’s development, plus an exclusive TEKKEN 6 customised wireless arcade fighting stick. Produced by renowned arcade fight stick specialists Hori, the arcade stick is a brand new exclusive design, available in two differently customised versions for the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 versions respectively.

The TEKKEN 6 Collectors Edition, the second limited edition available at launch, includes the game, 100 page art book, exclusive poster, and unique TEKKEN 6 hooded sweatshirt designed by the development team and featuring different designs for the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 versions.

Developed by NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., TEKKEN 6 brings the blockbuster fighting series onto multiple platforms for the first time in the history of the TEKKEN franchise with stunning realism, uncompromising quality, major gameplay enhancements and the largest character roster ever seen in the TEKKEN series.

In a first for the series, the Scenario Campaign mode in TEKKEN 6 features a unique hybrid control system combining conventional fighting game controls with free movement allowing players to progress through the story and mow down hordes of enemies with relative ease while still enjoying the fight action. In addition to hand-to-hand fighting, players have an arsenal of staffs, machine guns, flame throwers, and even giant robots at their disposal.

Rendered in vivid high definition detail, TEKKEN 6 heralds the dawn of a new era as a new King of the Iron Fist Tournament opens for business, with intense gameplay modes, new features and environments that guarantee blistering fight action, lightning-paced brawls and bone-crunching punch-ups.

TEKKEN 6 introduces a host of new characters alongside familiar faces with each customizable fighter equipped with their own deadly techniques, moves and attack combinations. To complete the package, multiplayer gameplay lets fans compete for world domination.

With an illustrious 14 year legacy, TEKKEN is among the world’s most popular and well-known gaming brands with franchise sales of more than 33 million units to date. TEKKEN 6 is a must-have for any fan of console arcade fighting.