Konami annuncia Karaoke Revolution

Scritto da Riccardo Bindella   
Mercoledì 03 Giugno 2009 14:01
Karaoke Revolution
Konami è nuovamente al lavoro su un nuovo capitolo della saga Karaoke Revolution, pensato per le piattaforme d'intrattenimento PlayStation 3 e Nintendo Wii.

Come si intuisce chiaramente dal titolo, si tratterà dell'ormai collaudato genere karaoke-game, che per l'occasione permetterà fino a 16 giocatori di sfidarsi a suon di acuti e colpi d'ugola con oltre 50 tracce originali scelte tra le maggiori hit di sempre.

Nuove canzoni aggiuntive potranno essere acquistate in seguito sotto forma di DLC grazie ai rispettivi servizi di digital delivering.

Karaoke Revolution per PlayStation 3, inoltre, potrà contare anche su una esclusiva modalità online, nonchè sul pieno supporto dell'Eye Toy. 

L'uscita del gioco, sviluppato da Blitz Games, è prevista per il prossimo mese di Novembre.

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced it will return to the singing genre, with the advent of Karaoke Revolution, an all-new sing-along title for PLAYSTATION®3 and Wii which will be released in November.

Developed by Blitz Games, Karaoke Revolution allows up to 16 players to get together and take each other on in singing contests in an ongoing quest for fame! Perfect as either a solo game or a multi-player get-together, the new game offers 50 licensed tracks, with players charged with hitting a range of notes and earning points as they do so. The better they sing, the more they are rewarded, and the more opportunities are available to them.

Karaoke Revolution offers a number of key game modes, including a Party option for 16 users, which allows participants to compete against each other and create bespoke playlists. The PLAYSTATION®3 version will also feature wide-ranging online play, allowing users to compete with rival singers all over the globe and can also download additional tracks in the future. Similarly, Karaoke Revolution’s online elements also allow users to download additional venues, plus new clothes and accessories.

Solo players can also enjoy Career Mode, wherein players can create their on-screen persona and lead them to singing glory. During the user’s career, players start in a series of smaller venues, before unlocking bigger stages and accessories. Karaoke Revolution has ten new venues, each boasting elaborate themes and special effects, with amazing pyrotechnics and visual effects designed to complement the onscreen action. Similarly, players can customize up to six venues, and even play music videos behind their character on a jumbo screen!

Karaoke Revolution enjoys compatibility with all available wireless and USB microphones, and the PLAYSTATION®3 version enjoys full use of the EyeToy camera.