I dettagli della patch di Red Faction: Guerrilla

Scritto da Riccardo Pellegrini   
Mercoledì 05 Agosto 2009 07:39

Red Faction: Guerrilla


Red Faction: Guerrilla modifica la propria costituzione binaria, aggiornandola per mezzo di una patch prossimamente scaricabile da PSN/XBL.

Lo ha annunciato Volition, che assieme alla buona novella di cui sopra si è presa la briga di dettagliare in maniera indescrivibilmente, ehm, dettagliata il changelog completo riguardante l'update.

E sono solo belle storie: una nuova modalità, livelli bonus finalmente giocabili dalla totalità dei giocatori ed una paccottiglia di altre correzioni abbastanza rilevanti.

Per un rapporto completo circa l'imminente patch in questione, saltate oltre il jump.

New Features

  • New Wrecking Crew mode - Challenge Mode: There are 3 rounds of distinct submode/weapon/backpack settings per level. Each participant plays through all 3 rounds to try to get the highest score possible. Challenge Mode is the best way to enjoy WC by yourself, and we’re also allowing all modes to be played with a single player.
  • Wrecking Crew Leaderboards: Your scores for Challenge Mode only are automatically uploaded to leaderboards (1 per level) so you can compare how you’re doing against your friends and the world. Leaderboards are only available for Challenge Mode.
  • Bonus Wrecking Crew levels unlocked: The 4 pre-order bonus WC levels are now unlocked for everyone, giving you 10 levels in which to blow everything away.
  • Weapon and Backpack disabling in Multiplayer: Prevent any specific backpacks or weapons from spawning in a level within a custom match.
  • XP multiplier for matchmaking playlists: Double XP playlists are now possible (and will be used).
  • Ore Deposits on Minimap: Mining ore that hasn’t been mined will now show up as purple pulsing dots on the minimap. This will help players to obtain the “Working the Land” achievement/trophy.
  • Support for upcoming DLC: Demons of the Badlands, our first DLC pack, will be released on August 13th.


  • House Arrest icons now reflect their proper completion status after you finish the last mission.
  • Convoy spawning is now fixed after you finish the last mission. Previously some convoys would be prevented from spawning.
  • Scale of some icons on the full-screen map and minimap has been fixed.
  • Parties are no longer allowed to matchmake into Anarchy through the “Any Playlist” selection option.
  • Ties no longer count as losses on the MP leaderboards.
  • Various minor matchmaking fixes.