I dettagli concettuali del prossimo Tomb Raider

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Martedì 14 Luglio 2009 11:28

Tomb Raider


I sogni bagnati di Toby Gard potrebbero presto realizzarsi.

Lui sognava un Tomb Raider che offrisse un mondo coeso, credibile, costruito su di un telaio giocoso pesantemente ispirato a Metroid, mediante il quale declinare tutta quella serie di elementi avventurosi che sappiano esaltare un universo aperto, pienamente esplorabile.

Il suo onirico pensiero sta pian piano divenendo tangibile, una realtà fatta di esaltanti combattimenti uno contro uno capaci di sottolineare l'inscindibile esigenza di legare, a spezzoni ludici prepotentemente basati sull'esplorazione, azione senza sosta. Anche nelle tombe tanto amate dalla prorompente Lara.

E' questa la sostanza che emerge dal fact sheet "trafugato" ieri dai PC di Crystal Dynamics: Square Enix Europe (ex Eidos) progetta un futuro di questo tipo, per la prima archeologa ad essere apparsa sulla copertina di The Face. Noi pure.

Continuate nella lettura, per tutti i dettagli.

The Next Tomb Raider Video Game Concept for PS3, Xbox 360 and PCs

When a sudden storm destroys her research vessel, a young and inexperienced Lara Croft finds herself stranded on a mysterious and remote island hidden off the shores of Japan. Despite several signs of various inhabitants the island is oddly deserted, and an uneasy feeling settles in as strange sounds emerge from the shadows. With only her determination, inner strength and resourcefulness to help her, Lara must overcome the challenges of a harsh and unforgiving journey that will take her across a vast island wilderness and deep into the claustrophobic and menacing underground tombs from the island's past. As she struggles to prevail through brutal combat encounters and treacherous exploration, Lara will be pushed to her limited and forced to adapt to her situation in order to survive and escape from the lethal predators that stalk her every move.

  • Hunt or be Hunted: Evade, outsmart, track and kill the mysterious enemies that hunt you as prey.
  • Survival Action: Brutally attack and defend yourself as you fight to survive the visceral one-on-one melee combat.
  • Strategic Weapons: Gain an advantage in combat by finding an array of different melee and ranged weapons including a variety of guns and the hunter's ultimate weapon, the bow.
  • Creative Survival: React and adapt to the island by using only that which you can salvage from the environment like climbing axes, rope, and machetes that can be used to unlock new traversal and combat gameplay options.
  • Free Movement: Scramble up a vertical cliff wall, sprint and leap across a huge chasm, steer mid-air to land a misdirected jump. There is no one right way to traverse, survive, and explore the harsh environment of the island.
  • One Cohesive World: the diverse multi-region island is an open playground alive with creatures, weather, and natural events.
  • Origin Story: This new Tomb Raider concept reboots the franchise by exploring the origin of Lara Croft's transformation into a hardened adventurer as you unravel the story behind the island's mysterious past.